Meet Kally

Kally’s path, growing up in South Africa and working in various industries, with diverse clients and people from all over the world, has given her a wealth of knowledge and skills. Coming from a family of Cypriot entrepreneurs, she learned the value of hard work and discipline at a young age. While other kids went home after school, she spent her afternoons in her parent’s shops helping out, answering phones, and working behind the cash register. This background gave her, among other things, an entrepreneurial mindset.

“I have developed an ability to relate, adapt, and understand people and situations easily. This trait not only helps me to fulfill my responsibilities but also allows me to approach my work from the client’s perspective and work collaboratively with the people I work with.”

After completing her Master’s degree in Business and Marketing Management, Kally took a holiday to visit her sister in Cyprus.

For us, it’s not just about a person’s education or work experience; it’s foremost about the connection we share and providing an environment where everyone can thrive

She fell in love with Cyprus and soon secured a job as a data analyst at a market research company, utilizing her talent for numbers to analyze data and uncover key insights. Over time, she became responsible for clients in the Middle East and North Africa region, traveling to meet clients in person and present findings to them.

After years of living out of a suitcase, Kally decided to look for other opportunities. She joined a company that produced country promotion reports for foreign investment in both print and TV, where she oversaw worldwide operations. “It was at this company that I first met Johan Geerts from WG Accountants in Belgium. I was invited by the company accountant to attend an event held in Cyprus by an accountancy association, where Johan was also in attendance. Through him at this event, I met Guido Joore and Dagmar van Boekel from Joore in The Netherlands.”

Over time, as Kally spent more time with them, she realized that they share similar work principles and beliefs on what a healthy work environment should be like. Today, joining cross-border forces at CNB International, Kally is proud to be part of a team that shares her values and strives to make a positive impact no matter how big or how small. “I look forward to continuing to grow and learn, and to inspire others to do the same.”