Who we are

CNB International, based in Cyprus, is a remote audit support office and data-analytics center that is connected to accountancy firm www.joore.nl, based in the Netherlands and Belgian firm www.wg-accountants.com. As a result, the company is known as CNB.

The team members of CNB International in Cyprus are integral to the accountancy and audit teams situated in the Netherlands and Belgium, working exclusively for the clients of both partner firms and their strategic alliances while collaborating on various projects daily.

By leveraging our expertise, we empower the accountancy and audit teams to focus on complex and significant matters, which adds value to their clients. Our commitment to success through strategic planning drives us to offer comprehensive services that go beyond annual figure preparation and audits and together, we anticipate future challenges and opportunities, paving the way for a successful future for all clients.

We firmly believe that true success is not a coincidence but the result of a well-crafted plan.